John Barber

Find out more about John Barber ‘Barberovski’ and his passion for the piano. He has a growing audience who attend performances at his venue – Crockett’s at Tardebigge Court, Worcestershire. Barberovski creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere where people can just sit back and enjoy the music. He plays a wide variety of repertoire.



Barberovski was born in London.  His mother was his earliest inspiration.  She was a pianist with a superb ear for music who played in pubs in London throughout the war, which did a lot to lift people’s spirits.  Through her, the young Barberovski was inspired, understanding the power that music could have and the emotions that it could evoke.

He took piano lessons from the age of 7 years old and was a natural.  Even in his teens, he was writing his own compositions and still performs them to this day.  Throughout his life and alongside work and family, Barberovski has always found that the piano has been a constant companion.  He uses his performance skills to share his love of piano music with others.

In 2001, Barberovski founded the Worcestershire Piano Club.  It’s a club of like-minded pianists who meet together to play and talk about piano music.  It’s mainly classical music, but also encompasses folk, jazz and modern – there are no rules!  The Club has been instrumental in helping many pianists to improve their performance confidence and learn about difference composers, thereby developing their own styles and increasing their repertoire.

Barberovski’s personal 7ft 6 concert grand piano was hand built by Anton Petrof and has been with him for 28 years.  Three years ago, the piano underwent restoration work and its unique sound and depth of tone make it an exceptional piano.

He focuses on performing at his piano, challenging himself to learn new pieces by famous and lesser-known composers.  The performances at Crockett’s are very informal.  It’s an intimate venue and he always makes it thoroughly enjoyable.  It’s just a wonderful and relaxing way to enjoy live piano music.
Come along and bring your friends!